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Terrain Tamer 4WD Parts

MEET THE GANG is a public home for Harrop Eaton ELockers in North America. The sponsor and operator is Cruiser Brothers, LLC, an importer and reseller of Terrain Tamer and Harrop kits, parts and accessories.

Our partnership with Terrain Tamer make it possible to offer all of the 30,000 items they stock in Australia. 

Terrain Tamer is Australia's leading distributor and speciality manufacturer of four wheel drive parts and accessories, along with diesel filtration and repair components. 

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Terrain Tamer's History

Terrain Tamer's corporate parent, Don Kyatt Group, is Australia’s largest supplier of four wheel drive aftermarket parts. Developing, manufacturing and distributing a vast range of parts throughout thirteen international branches, various international stockists and numerous international distributors around the world. Terrain Tamer’s innovative designs have led to; suspension, clutches, bearing kits, gears and more that are modified to be stronger and more durable than their genuine equivalent.

Terrain Tamer's Allan Gray

Based in Tottenham, Victoria (Melbourne), Terrain Tamer maintains over 30,000 stock keeping units (SKUs) in five warehouses in Australia. 

Terrain Tamer supports Harrop Engineering as that firm's largest distribution partner of the Harrop Eaton ELockerTM

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