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Questions & Answers - Harrop ELockers

The Harrop Eaton ELockers have two major drawbacks: a) they are really boring - they just work when you press the switch, to deliver reliable traction; and b) unlike tires, wheels, bumpers, winches and rooftop tents - no one knows you have them! Hard to show off your gear when it is hidden. Seriously, the Harrop is a stealth accessory that just works when you need it. To help with the bling factor, we include Harrop window stickers with each order.

Here are some other important questions we have heard:

How Do I Tell If I Have a Full Float Rear Axle?

Harrops only fit full float rear axles so if you have a 40, 60, 70 or 80 Series, make sure you have a protrusion at the rear axle as shown below. If in doubt, give us a call.

Do They Work on the Trail?

Actuation is immediate and smooth. Just make sure you are moving slowly and straight ahead to reduce stress on the axles and diff.

Any Service Required?

Just keep the axle topped off with gear lube as specified by the manufacturer.

Is Installation Complicated?

Not if you know what you are doing. See the installation instructions and comments.

Can I Add An Indicator When Using the OEM Locker Switch?

Yes, you can add an accessory light or use the lamp location in 80 and 100 Series dash panels.

What Happens When I Reverse Direction - Can I "Rock" the Vehicle?

The Harrop disengages briefly when changing direction, to reduce stress on the system. Just be careful with the throttle.