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ELockers 101

Based upon Eaton Corporation's proven technology and forged gears, The Harrop Eaton ELocker is simple, strong and quick. Here is a great video from Terrain Tamer on elocker technology, installation and  operation - just click on the image below to watch.

Wikipedia provides an overview of differential types and function here.

Manually actuated or selectable locking differentials are designed to "lock" the axles when selected so that motive energy is equally allocated to the two wheels. Manual lockers (vs. automatic lockers) come in three basic types, based upon the method used to manually engage (actuate) the locking mechanism in the differential:

Cable - Old school method used in early days of Land Cruisers. As the name suggests, a lever in the cabin is moved to pull the cable and close the mechanism in the front or rear locker. Not seen on North American spec rigs from Toyota. One manufacturer offers an aftermarket cable locker.

Air - Popular as an aftermarket "upgrade" for unlocked vehicles, there are several manufacturers that offer aftermarket air-actuated lockers.

Electric - Toyota now fits electric lockers throughout its offroad models. Eaton Corporation offers the ELockerTM fo fit many popular American vehicles.

The Harrop Eaton ELocker is a version of the Eaton ELocker and utilizes a large, electrically actuated ring magnet to engage the mechanism by pushing an engagement collar into position to lock the gears in position. There are no moving parts used to make the actuator ring move - no compressor, air lines, fittings, o-rings or seals.....just s simple electric signal that magnetizes the collar. 

ELocker is a registered trade mark and image owned by Eaton Corporation.